Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Scenes From Steelhead: "The End is Nigh!"

With the Steelhead Estates approaching their doom, yesterday the place began to look like it. Dropping by the place yesterday, a skyship had crashed into one of the stores, the "Three Cogs Shop," setting it aflame. With the streets deserted, there was no fire brigade to haul in water. Tobias would type in an announcement, "Don't try to put the fire out. Stew and me need the insurance cash."

 Nearby was a possible cause of such "fowl" mayhem: the Doom Hen Mk3, "Bwahahhahh! Cower before my ..*ahem* nevvermind."

With the city doomed anyway, Tobias had something else to unleash, "At each end of main street in main sim, you will find Steam Tank rezzers created by Ravenghost the excessively talented! You have team A and team B. Go battle! (Click tank panel for HUD)."

What else will happen as the onetime home of the famed Steelhead community faces it's final days?

Bixyl Shuftan

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