Thursday, September 24, 2015

SL Video: "The Drax Files : World Makers (Episode 32: Jayjay Zifanwe) "

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Published by Draxtor Despress, September 23, 2015, "The backbone of the our university's presence in the virtual world is the art and the film. It keeps things alive at all times!" says Jayjay Zifanwe from the University of Western Australia in Perth.

"With the blessing of his Dean Jayjay is actively promoting immersive art and machinima made by Second Life residents from all walks of life all the while emphasizing giving voice to creators with disabilities or chronic illness.

"The relationship between UWA and the SL art scene illuminates how a major university can use the creative and social aspects of virtual environments to enhance their mission of inclusive learning on a global scale.

"May this be a model for other educational institutions to follow? With the resurgence of interest in VR JJ's efforts may just be a template to emulate in the future...

"More information on UWA in Second Life is at


"This episode features the films of Iono Allen {showcasing "Obedience" by Rose Borchovski, Jo Ellsmere and Bryn Oh with music by Luca d'Alberto}, Tutsy Navarathna, Celestial Elf, Hypatia Pickens, Erythro Asimov, Rysan Fall, Pepa Cometa, Chic Aeon, Karima Hoisan, Natascha Randt & many immersive artworks displayed at the UWA sim in Second Life.

"The Freedom Project art works can be seen in the official book for the event here

"Thumbnail is composed from a still from Spiral Silverstar's "The Mirror Lies" []

"Many thanks to Skyspinner Soulstar, James Atloud, Mike Denneny and Foxy Haddison for participating with their RL puppeteers.

"Special thanks to FreeWee Ling for her wonderful work making sure the art is properly featured in SL and Hava Zhang for doing some fabulous "real life" acting.

"Lastly: big thanks to Natalie Jagals, Micah Foster and Paris Javid for filming on physical location in Australia."

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