Friday, September 25, 2015

Club Sugar Rush

By Bixyl Shuftan

Second Life Newser was recently asked to check out a promising club: Club Sugar Rush.
Hopping over one Saturday recently, it was quite a scene, with a few dozen avatars dancing
to the music. The "80s Party" shirts and the Rubik Cube in one corner were a pretty strong
sign of what music was being played. And the crowd loved it.

I talked to QuentenDios Resident, one of the co-owners, about the venue, "I help run the place. Its a three owner team, myself, TiannaRosefield Resident and 0oSUGARBABYo0 Resident".  When asked about where the idea for the club came from, " We wanted to make a club that could provide more genres of music under one roof, rather than 1 or 2 genres." I then asked how long it took to come up with the design. Quenten answered, "Not long at all, a week or two. We've came a long way since we opened just four months ago. June 13th was our opening date."

"About how many events do you have a week?" I then asked. Quenten answered, "It varies really. We let the DJ's during the week have an event during their set if they want to hold one. We have a guaranteed event every Saturday from 6-10 with cash prizes. There's always a different theme." I asked what were the most popular themed here. He answered, "Western, Silks, Lingerie, Rollerskating, Disco, 80's, BDSM, etc."

Second Life being Second Life, I asked about the more amusing glitches and bloopers. Quenten laughed, "Gotta love appliers with a mesh body. More so for the women than the men. The usual boob slip or no panties etc of course. Thank god were all adults here."

I asked, "About how many people usually show up for an event, and what was your most packed night?" Quenten answered, "Some nights are slow, its hit or miss, but around 15-45. A few times we hit the big 50. (Our) most packed theme event was Western night, actually." So it went very well? "Oddly enough it did haha! We always decorate as best as we can to get people into the theme, for western night we held the event outside, put up a barn with some hay and a old fashioned pickup with a stage attached too it for the DJ and hosts to stand on. Had line dancing and all. (It) was a success."

The club had dozens of people working for it, "We currently have 81 staff members. Our staff is treated great. A perk to our staff is we take zero percent of there tips. Most clubs take a measely 10% or more. Not us. They work for their money, we just give them a venue."

There were a few shopping stalls around, "We have stalls for rent outside of the club, we don't charge an arm & a leg like a lot of clubs, Just 100L for 50prim, more prims can be added for a small fee as well. Also we love gacha vendors. If someone has a gacha or five and wants to drop them outside I'm more than happy to talk about a fair and decent price that wont break the bank."

Of what to expect in the future, Quenten explained, "We have a vision of making this into a 24/7 club. We put a lot of time into hiring DJs and hosts daily. We need a club that plays more genres 24/7 and I'm hoping to do that with Club Sugar Rush. It's gonna take patience and a lot of effort from the staff, But we will get there."

So if you're looking for a sweet time at a music club, head on over to Club Sugar Rush.

The Enchanted Reef (70/225/27)

Bixyl Shuftan

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