Monday, September 28, 2015

Bright Canopy Resumes Service

Earlier this month in an inworld conference, the Bright Canopy team explained their new viewer aimed at allowing Second Life to be accessed normally through tablets, as well as older computers, had been hit with technical difficulties. A few days ago, they announced they were back in business.

Bright Canopy has been down now for almost a month. We have done our best to be transparent and communicative during the downtime. ...
We have been working with Frame on a new pricing plan that will allow us to offer the service immediately. We will continue working on options that will improve our costs on the backend and allow more  flexibility in the future.

Their pricing plan is $17 a month for 20 hours of use, with additional time at two cents a minute with a "30 minute minimum for sessions," or 60 cents minimum. For those using "10 hours or more of additional minutes, that will be charged immediately, otherwise additional minutes are charged at the beginning of the next month."

So if you use 5 additional hours during the month, you would spend $6 more . This would mean your credit card would be charged $21 at the beginning of the next month.

If you use 10 additional hours, you would be charged $12 now and $17 for your monthly subscription at the beginning of the next month.

Bright Canopy calls this a "fresh start," so everyone has to re-register at , even if they already have.

One can read more at their blog here, or email then at .

Hat tip: Daniel Voyager 

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