Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Last Word From Electrobit City

It was last month in which Electrobit City, which we wrote about four years ago, announced it would soon be closing. On Saturday September 19, co-owner Jei Desoto gave one final message.

As we know, today is the day the sim shuts down... So though my work has been as of now, completely picked up, it's not the end! I've taken my project back to it's smaller state for now, and I'm continuing tests when I can on aditi. Any questions regarding my work should be directed to me Jei.  Also, if any reason the sim rolls back as to 'retain' my build, is not authorized by me, and should be reported. Anyhoo, happy adventures, all! I will update in my work's original intended group. Stay tuned, kids!!!

And so another area fades into the virtual nether.

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