Monday, September 7, 2015

Join the "Quest Fur Cover" Bi-Annual Hunt

Greetings Merchants!

Please join us in the Fall 2015 edition of the QFC hunt!

In your merchant welcome propaganda pack you will receive:
~QFC Fall 2015 poster texture
~QFC Fall 2015 poster board
~QFC info display easel - fall 2015
~HINT/AD submission form
~Hunt info NC
~LM to the QFC hunt HQ

You should have a hunt info display easel in your propaganda pack, please display this in a highly visible location in your store, along with the hunt poster board (which you'll replace later with your hunt HINT board!) as soon as possible!

Feel free to additionally plaster the hunt poster/texture everywhere and anywhere you can/want, we'll be posting it all over social media along with the hunt hints and prize ads!

Also, please head over to the hunt HQ and drop your HINT/AD NC into the mailbox on the desk as soon as possible (see timeline at the bottom of this card!)

You will be sent additional materials, information, etc via a subscriber in the corner, please note that this is NOT SPAM, and you were added to it manually by a member of the hunt staff because you're IN THE HUNT!

For this round of the hunt, you will be hiding a little bat... you will notice that your bat is NOT in this handy propaganda pack, we're doing things a little differently this time around! We will be sending these out (along with a hunt poster you can put your hint in, a bit closer to the start of the hunt (once again, see the timeline!). Each hunt icon will already be set up and ready for you to put your item into and hide, isn't that handy?!


Guidelines for hiding your item:

-you *MUST* hide at least 1 hunt icon (obviously)

-you *MUST* have your hunt icon set for sale for FREE/$L0 during the hunt!

-you CAN change the size of the hunt icon, but please keep it fair

-you can NOT rename your hunt icon, excluding decoys and multiples!

-you can NOT link your hunt icon to anything else

-you can NOT change the color of your hunt icon

-you can NOT completely or partially hide it in walls, prims, etc.
(hiding it in places so they have to zoom a bit (like in a lamp, under a chair, on the ceiling, on top of a display, etc) is fair game, but try to keep it fun and fair... this isn't the Twisted hunt!)

-you can NOT hide it in the open air (eg: floating in the middle of the store,)

-you CAN have DECOYS! However, please don't have an excessive number of them, please use some method of marking these hunt icons as decoys, and also please include the LM to the next location in each decoy

- you CAN have more then one prize hiding, but you must have a LM to the next store in each hunt icon, and some type of indication that there are more prizes in your store.

-you CAN sell the item you made for the hunt after the hunt is over, but you can NOT sell it while the hunt is going on.

-You CAN move your item during the hunt, just don't forget to IM a member of hunt staff and let us know, and give us an updated HINT!

-YOU **CAN NOT** USE ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. NONE. AT ALL. PERIOD. No logos, no characters, no sounds, etc! You CAN wiggle around them (for example, you can't make a Doctor Who hoodie, but you can make one with a character who looks *similar*) This is not only a violation of OUR rules, it's also a violation of LL's TOS, AND THE LAW. We will report this, so please just don't do it, yeah?



-August 10th - Applications OPEN
-September 20th - Applications CLOSE. No additional stores will be taken after this point.
-September 21st - Merchant packs are sent out (hunt icons, etc)
-September 28th - 1st hunt walk-through, ALL propaganda should be displayed, and hunt icons should be hidden. Icons should NOT be set for sale at this point, and can be empty!
-September 29th - deadline for HUNT HINTS and ADS!
-September 30th - Final walk-through, All stores should be READY AND SET UP by this point!
-October 1st - Hunt begins!
-October 2nd - Any stores not set up by noon SLT will be removed from the hunt, unless extenuating circumstances are noted


Thanks for joining us!

if you have any other questions, comments, issues, etc. please contact:
 Becky Doulton
 Skyler Glasswing

Quest Fur Cover Office, Furry (177, 84, 27)

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