Monday, September 21, 2015

Ready for Halloween

By Gemma Cleanslate

It is early , I know, but I thought I would go check out some of the Halloween venues that are already established and actually have hunts going on! I visited Hipville’s 5th annual Halloween Hunt first. Here I found a heart and brain hunt. The sim has four areas to visit, the corn mazes with frightening creatures appearing. The asylum where you have to be very careful what you touch.  Cross the bridge to enter the witches’ forest where cauldrons of fire and worms await you. Click a globe and you can take some great pictures of yourself posing as part of the decor.

The walk to the graveyard is spooky with spirits rising before your eyes and on into the grave yard for more spirits about. I found some prizes as I went along but must return for more because they will be changing as time passes. You can get all the information you need to enjoy the region at the entrance. There are some great Halloween decorations for sale, including the corn mazes, dunking for apples, and more.Don’t forget to ride a broom!!! Lots of fun!

My next visit was to Heart of Darkness where there is so much going on too. A treasure chest hunt and a photography contest and  billboards are at the entrance so click them for information you will need. Wonderful sim to roam and search for treasure chests. Be sure to look up, down, under and over and behind. I have to go back for more! I found about 18 already but there are many many more~ up to 40!

It is a pirate town so there are many pirate skeletons hanging around the town and on the half sunken boats.Try out the interactive poses and hope to save your life! Some of the prizes are from our beloved Aley which are always nice to find. For the photography contest read the notecard and visit the store for a free outfit and so many cute outfits for sale too. Use the region windlight for effect and beware of everything! This will be open until November 4.

Gemma Cleanslate

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