Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Early Showing of Project Sansar by Linden Lab This Friday

Linden Lab announced that they will be giving a "hands on preview" of their next generation virtual world this Friday. The news was given over a San Francisco events website.

This interactive virtual reality workshop will provide a hands-on preview of the new 3D virtual experience platform, code-named Project Sansar, being developed by Linden Lab, the makers of the popular virtual world Second Life. This new platform will enable people to virtually walk through 3D...

Hamlet Au of New World Notes commented, "Pretty strange to see this apparently open-to-the-public event promoted on a popular general interest SF event site when Project Sansar is supposed to be in closed Alpha with early users under heavy NDA. But there it is. So if you happen to be in San Francisco this Friday and can attend, please report your reactions ..."

But before anyone out there who hasn't heard this news before books a flight to California, Hamlet stated that the event is sold out. Curiously, Linden Lab's Peter Gray called it a "AIA event," which could mean the American Institute of Architects.

So on Friday evening, we should be getting a better look at Linden Lab's next generation virtual world.

*Update* In other Project Sansar news, Inara Pey posted on her blog that Linden Lab that one of the possible permanent names for the world being considered could be "Created Reality."  As she put it however, "while the name ... may doubtless describe the platform’s function in presenting spaces where people can create their own virtual realities, it does actually read rather, well, bland."

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