Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Press Release: Allhallows Showcase Festival

Blue Moon Enterprise Presents Allhallows Showcase Festival
Sept 12th – Oct. 31st, 2015

Fantasy Creator's Showcase Event, Rising Phoenix (190, 191, 23)



The Allhallows showcase festival shines on the creativity, imagination and beauty of 12 of Second Life’s most excellent fantasy creators. Each creator was asked to pick their favorite items to feature at the showcase. In addition they will offer a FREE hunt item in the seasonal theme.

Come join the fun and collect your hunt pumpkins found at each Creator's Booth! 

Enjoy the sim as we have lots of unique decor and a Haunted House!  Photographers will want to snap a few photos, too!

Don't miss out on the fun, great gifts and super unique items!

Sneak your way into a pre-Halloween event and come get your "boo" with us!

Fantasy Creators in Showcase are:

Angel Fae Boutique / Sorrell and Rose
BamPu Legacies / Bambi Chicque
BlueMoon enterprise / Solas NaGealai
Chimeric Arts & Fashion Shop / Punkerella Summers
Folklorica / Folklorica
Lilith's Den / Runa
Old World Designs / Haratio Clawtooth
~*Sweet Revolutions*~ / Gwen Von Aurora
*Souzou Eien* / Draconias Timeless
United Inshcon / Eldowyn Inshan
Velvet Whip / Madmacit

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