Thursday, July 25, 2019

Club Gearz Now Featuring Games

For fans of the Steampunk-themed City of Steelhead, good news. Besides the weekly music and dance parties held at it's Club Gearz every other week, one can now go there for the games. Owner Fuzzball Ortega recently to Ember Games, bought up a number, and placed them on the second floor of the venue.

Bixyl wrote an article about Ember Games shutting down, so I bought some of the games. U-Know (Uno), Skippy (Skip-Bo), Clued Up (Clue), Zilch, and Sparkle (Bejeweled) are set up on the second floor of Club Gearz. The Pacman game, haven't set that up yet. Need a skyplatform, methinks.

As mentioned in Fuzzball's announcement, some the games are based on real-life ones such as Uno and Clue. But others such as Zilch are original. There are a total of six. Expect a seventh, a maze game inspired by Pac-Man, available via a teleporter to a skybox, sometime in the future.

Club Gearz normally has parties every other Friday night from 7 to 9 SL time. It alternates with the "Green Fairy" club in Ravenwood Forest, the one survivor of the original Steelhead sims.

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