Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Furry Fashion Puts Lounge Events on Hold

For years, the Furry Fashion Lounge has offered DJ music events for the friends of the mall. But yesterday, it was announced in both the inworld group and Discord channel that the events at the Lounge, recently renamed Furscape, were being put on hold, at least for a little while.

We decided to reevaluate  the way that we manage the sim.

In order to restructure we decided that Regularly scheduled events would be on hiatus for a few weeks while we make plans on a future event structure. While we won't have scheduled events running, the lounge is still open as a good place to hang out and enjoy yourself. Keep your ears open for when DJs might decide to play music for your enjoyment! Furry fashion is not closing down!

Thank you for your unbelivable support!

There is not yet a date for when events will resume. For those wanting to know when impromptu events are taking place, joining the group is recommended.

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