Saturday, July 13, 2019

Trader Whiplash Diagnosed With Cancer

For one noted Relayer, Trader Whiplash of T1 Radio and the Relay Rockers team, the fight against cancer just turned personal. Yesterday on the Relay Rocker's blog, he announced he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Now is the time when we say the ‘OMGs’ and ‘OH I’m so sorrys’ and ‘Oh I will Pray for Yous’ right?


Now is when we as ACS Volunteers, who have grown from Cure Cancer Do Gooders of RFL 2005, turn into a vibrant and passionate Army who go forward armed with the tools and information that Saves Lives Celebrates Lives and Leads the Fight For a World Without Cancer. 

Now is the time when we say We’ve got you back! 

We’ve got a plan for this! 

We can Treat This!


And that is just what my oncologist said this afternoon.  The man who has treated my leukemia for 16 years looked at me and said “OK, so make an appointment for Friday and lets get the pathology and figure out how we are going to beat this!”

And you know what.. That is just what I am going to do, what he is going to do and what we as a community are going to do.  

And by God THAT is how We Cure Cancer!

In both the Relay for Life Volunteers group in Second Life and their Discord server, there were numerous well-wishes and words of encouragement for Trader. "You got this Trader!!!" "I think cancer got stupid and picked a fight with the wrong person." "Keep fighting cause your not alone."

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