Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Town Hall Event About Tilia This Friday

On Monday July 1, Linden Lab announced to the residents something called Tilia would be part of "Important Changes to your Second Life Account." The result was no shortage of confusion, residents asking how would this would affect them.

Want to learn more about Tilia, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Linden Lab? 

Second Life executives Grumpity Linden (Senior Director of Product) and Patch Linden (Senior Director of Product Operations) will be answering questions about Tilia from the community at a special “Tilia Town Hall” event held inworld this Friday, July 12 at 1 p.m. (SLT/Pacific). 

As announced on July 1, Tilia will soon be handling certain aspects of the Second Life service that will help us comply with U.S. laws and regulations via enhanced regulatory compliance protocols. We’ve been taking questions about Tilia in our official forum all week, so please join us as we continue to listen and respond.

 The structure is at a meeting point of four sims to accommodate a larger crowd. Still, some residents may need to adjust their Preferences on their viewers to make up for the lag. 

As stated in the announcement, the meeting will be at Town Hall Island On Friday July 12 at 1PM.

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