Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Press Release: Burn2 Conception - Communal Earth

Conception 2019: Communal Earth
Opening 5:00pm SLT, Friday 19 July 2019
BURN2, Deep Hole

Communal Earth: Theme for Burn2’s Conception Event

At Conception we look back to the roots of our regional in SL, reaching back to Burning Man. How the years have flown by!

Our past event themes often relate to the Earth – Fertility, Balance. Our virtual Regional is comprised of Burners from across the world and all of us are concerned about the damage to the planet, and the realisation that the cause of it is us. Recovery from the damage must also begin with us. And so the community’s choice of theme for this next event on Deep Hole will be Communal Earth.

What is this theme about? It’s a concept around the communal effort needed to remember the origin of Earth and for everyone on the planet to preserve and heal it. We remember our roots, the first stirrings of life, and how we got from there to here, and recognise the impact our existence has had on our mother Earth. There is no magic bullet, no single solution to solve all the Earth’s problems. Therefore, it is on all of us, each in our different ways that we can do, to find and apply healing. In the process, we will see that we are all in this together.

Lamplighters will help to open the event with a walk-on to lead everyone from the Welcome Area to the main stage. All are invited to join us as we walk!

We’ve got Greeters getting their gift packs ready, Fashionistas making their plans, and a variety of interesting activities in various stages of building under way.

Artists and performers are invited to sign up for FREE plots and time slots! Signups are now open. All signups will be first come, first served. Read the information on the pages before you proceed to sign up.

Mark Your Calendar and SHARE the News!

We look forward to welcoming Home Burners and community, to explore the builds and enjoy the music that will fill the air over the playa the weekend of July 19-21. The BURN2 Calendar at http://www.burn2.org/calendar will fill up quickly as performers sign up and we get closer to the event opening on the 19th of July.

We will of course feature a burn. You will see an effigy called “Corporate Conglomerate for Consumerism and Conspicuous Consumption,” nicknamed CC4CCC. The giant CC4CCC Mascot is slated to burn!

BURN2 is the virtual extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It spreads Burning Culture and the Burning Man Ten Principles all year round.  We are one official regional of Burning Man among more than 100 first world Regional groups.

Want more information? Connect with us through our networks::
Website: https://burn2.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BURN2BURNER
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BURN2BURNERS
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Burn2.SL/
Regional Page: http://regionals.burningman.com/regionals/cyberspace/second-life/

BURN2 Inworld Contacts:
BURN2 Communications: iSkye Silverweb communications@burn2.org or contact inworld
BURNING MAN Regional Contact: sl@burningman.org

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