Friday, July 12, 2019

Town Hall About Tilia Today

At 1PM today, Linden Lab will be holding a Town Hall event to answer questions on the new Tilia Service. For those who can't get into the area, click on video above, or the link on SL4Live's Youtube channel.

While the Lab has tried to calm the confusion about the new service for Second Life residents, such as with the Town Hall meeting and a Q and A thread in the forums, this hasn't been the end of it. Activity in the "Tilia Takes Over" thread picked up following allegations Linden Lab was deleting some posts. While there were posters wondering if the Lab was simply deleting redundant questions, others felt this smelled like censorship. It would appear that whatever happens at today's event, it will not be the end of resident concerns.

Hat Tip to Oldesoul Eldemar for the Youtube link

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