Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hangars Liquides Fundraiser at 45%, "At 50% We Save The City"

In an update to the crowdfunder started last week to save the Hangar Liquides sims, it was recently announced that 43% of the $6683 USD goal had been reached. But Djehan Kidd's announcement suggested preserving it for the short term needs just a few more dollars.

Fundraiser is at 43% now. AT 50% we save the city.

Please donate, consider becoming a benefactor, you can give anything, any amount, we're almost there

The amount has since gone up to 45%, or $3032 raised. I asked in the group chat if just half the money was needed to save the city. Djehan had left for the night, but one of the group told me "50% saves the city, and gives more time to pay the rest of the funds needed."

The link to the donation page is:

Stay tuned for further details.

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