Friday, March 31, 2017

Advertisement: Quest Fur Cover

WHAT in the world is QFC?: Quest Fur Cover, or QFC for short, is a bi-annual grid-wide hunt sponsored by ~Furry Fashion~!  This particular hunt focuses on furry and furry-friendly stores across the grid, and always features a wide array of great FREE gifts!  This time around, we will also have a merchant village at the starting location. This special location will be filled with holiday/autumn themed items that you can purchase, AND will also feature a mini-hunt containing items from the sponsor store, ~Furry Fashion~!

WHEN is QFC?:  Quest Fur Cover runs from April 1st- 30th

WHERE does QFC start?: QFC Kicks off at stop #1, ~Furry Fashion~ One of the stores responsible for organizing the hunt!
Furry (177, 84, 27)

HOW can I join in the hunt?: Hunters can join the hunt group by pasting this link into local chat: secondlife:///app/group/60b06886-19d8-b307-2794-3d55c7e2d0ad/about

WHO do I contact for more information?: Skyler Glassing or Becky Doulton

SOCIAL MEDIA: Hunt Tumblr:

Furry Fashion Facebook Group:

Furry (177, 84, 27)

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