Sunday, March 5, 2017

Club Xanadu Reopening

Tonight at 7PM SL time, Club Xanadu of the HV Community sim will reopen to regularly scheduled events. The contest theme is best in 70s and 80s.

We will me having our first reopening test event on Sunday the 5th at 7 PM SLT.  Theme for the contest will be best in 70's & 80's.  Two contest boards.  250 L on each.  DJ Perri on the turntables.

Club Xanadu is owned by RECoyote Mindes and Perri Prinz, sometimes called "Perri's Xanadu." The club has a long history in the Sunweaver and Angel community. It first opened in May 2009, it's design based on the Pan-Pacific Auditorium which in the movie "Xanadu" was turned into a club. Perri has a reputation for being a great DJ, with one of the best selections of 60s and 70s classic rock. The club has temporarily closed to regular events in the past, last doing so in May 2015 due to the real life difficulties of the owners. But the club would still have occasional events, such as Perri's birthday party. The club was the setting of the Newser's Fifth Anniversary party.

The club currently has job openings for hosts and DJs. Those interested please instant-message Perri Prinz


  1. If she's having problems with bank overdraws, it really seems like a bad idea to put any money into a club D:

    1. So far reopening the club has not cost me any real world money. I'm running it on the SL money I make DJing at other clubs. And the opening event seems to actually have left me with 302 L$ more than I started the event with.

      I'm fortunate at this point to not need to invest huge gobs of money in the club, since my RL money situation really is precarious. But health wise, due to lack of sleep and living under constant stress, I'm not able to write anymore, and the club gives me something I'm still able to do that keeps me from feeling completely broken and defeated.

    2. Oh! That's good!