Friday, March 10, 2017

Relay for Life Sunbeamers: Bid Rita (Avatar of Your Choice)

The Relay for Life fundraising season is under way. And that means Team Sunbeamers is raising funds for the American Cancer Society. For it's first event, the team captain, Rita Mariner, has put herself on the line with a "Bid Me" event.

I have started a BID ME Avatar of your choice (if I have it in my inventory).  At Cutlass.  I will stay that avatar for a minimum of 1 week per 5,000L bid.  This is for the RFL to kick off our quest for Gold again.  Long way to go.  There will be be other BID ME offers.  This is but the first. 

Two kiosks have been placed side by side in the lobby of Club Cutlass, the room in front of the dance hall. The one on the left is for those wishing to keep the "killer rabbit" as she is. The one on the right is to change her.

I asked Rita for further details. She told me if the "Bid Me" succeeded, there would be a good deal of choice for the bidders to make, "I have a large selection, so you can pretty much get what you want. ... I'll let it run 2 weeks. ... It will end at the end of the dance."

Already someone else has volunteered for the second Bid Me event to follow just after Rita's. Whom is it? Details to come.

For most of her virtual life, Rita has been a purplish Kani bunny. She later changed the avatar to a slightly different one, but was still purple until a few months ago when she began sporting a white coat. But on occasion she has temporarily changed her looks, such as pink bunny, pony avatar, anthro pony, Lola Bunny, Pepe Le Pew, custom-made harem vixen, and human. What look will she have to take on at the end, we shall see.

The "Bid Me" will go on until Wednesday March 22 at 8PM, when the totals will be calculated.

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

Bixyl Shuftan

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