Monday, March 6, 2017

Fundraiser For RECoyote Mindes Totals Over 190,000 Lindens

It's been a little over a month since RECoyote Mindes announced he was in financial trouble due to paying his ill mother's medical bills. Sadly, she would later pass away. To help out Rec, Nydia Tungsten would organize three fundrasing  efforts, a party in which those attending were encouraged to contribute to a tip jar which raised over 22,000 Lindens, a "Tail Sale" which raised over 87,000 Lindens, and finally a "Personal Pin-up Benefit Auction" that has apparently netted tens of thousands of Linden dollars. Besides these, there have been some individual donations. The final auction ended on Friday March 3, and over the weekend, Nydia announced the results.

January was a month of Sadness for our dear friend Reco,  he suffered a terrible loss, so we took the entire month of Feb to help him, all of you turned out to show your love and support for our Reco, and thanks you to you all, we are able to present him $191,765L's, 

Reco, we did this because we love you, and you have done so much for all of us. We do love you.

Nydia would later state, "If anyone is wondering, and I calculated this out right, that is equal to $708USD." REC was something at a loss for words, "This will really help me catch up."

Time and time again, the Sunweavers and Angels have shown as a community they have demonstrated how they come together to help one another, as Rec did in the past by helping a couple people in need of better computers get them, and reduce the tier of the sims. And now Rec in turn was helped in his hour of need.

Bixyl Shuftan

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