Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More "Bid Me" Events For RFL Team Sunbeamers

Today the time period of the Relay for Life team Sunbeamer "Bid Me" events for team captain Rita Mariner and Ranchan Weidman from last week come to an end. But for those wanting more of the "Bid Me" fun are in for a treat as there are a number of new ones. A couple days ago on Monday, there were eight announced, the kiosks all at Club Cutlass.

We have 8, yes 8 BID ME going and 1 Auction now running at Cutlass.  So please find the time to come over, check them out and BID on them, if you so desire.

BIXYL will go Toshi mini Fox if he loses
BRANDI - will go young innocent mousie, if she loses
RITA- will go back to my first hideous avatar, if I lose
NYDIA is auctioning off a music video of your making

Perri is offering to go BLUE VIXEN or CHOCO BUNNY
Four of her friends are offering dates.

Since the announcement, there's been one more Bid Me added, another one for a date. for a total of ten events.

To fill in the details, Brandi Streusel is offering to stay a child/cub avatar for a week. Rita is getting into the Bid Me for a second time, this occasion offering to change into her first avatar, her "ebil tan rat." Perri Prinz has two options besides keeping her her bunny self, blue vixen, or as it will soon be Easter her chocolate bunny avatar. At least 3000 Lindens are needed for them to keep their new look for a week.

Four of Perri Prinz's friends are also up for date auctions: Christine Rhodes, aka "The Magic Fox," who DJs at Xanadu on Sunday nights, and Vicki Anderson, Kacey Carver, and Clover Lappina. Kacey is fairly unique as she has a pinkish squirrel/skunk hybrid appearance. There's a minumum 1000L to bid them a date, which will last about three to six hours.

Nydia Tungsten had a different idea: an auction. This time the winner gets to choose what she'll do a music video on, picking the song, dancers, and location (subject to her approval). Skylark Lefavre is also offering a date, with a minimum bid of 5000, the details being nothing more than a hug or cuddle and no outfit more revealing than a bikini.

And then, there's me. Last year's "Fox Avatar Challenge" resulted in me going tiny for a while. So this year, just the Tokushi tiny fox is up. 5000 Lindens means I get shrunk down for a week, with another day for every additional 2000 L (rounded down) raised. Since yours truly has reporter duties, I reserve the right to go back to full size when doing an interview or similar work. Otherwise I'm stuck at kneecap level. Last year, I ended up spending eight days as a tiny. How high it will be this time, who knows.

The "Bid Me" events will be around probably for two weeks, until Wednesday April 12, until the totals are finalized and the results announced. But don't wait too long. Before you know it, your chance to give me the "tiny toss" will be gone.

The kiosks are at Club Cutlass at Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

Bixyl Shuftan

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