Thursday, March 16, 2017

Announcment: Relay for Life Team Sunbeamers St. Patty's/Captain's B-Day Party

For Team Sunbeamer's first event this Friday, it's going to be a double-theme. As it's March 17, we'll be doing a "wearin' o' th' green" with a St. Patrick's Day theme. But wait there's more. In real life, team captain Rita Mariner just had her birthday. So we'll be making it a combination event: a St. Pattys and Birthday party. But the presents go to the Relay. The event takes place at Club Cutlass from 6-8 PM SL time. DJ Crimm will be spinning the tunes. Kiosks will be taking in donations for Team Sunbeamer. Don't forget the kiosks nearby for the two Bid Me events involving Rita Mariner, which ends March 24, and Ranchan Weidman's Bid Me Human.

Friday March 17, 6-8PM, DJ Crim

Sunweaver Bay (114/117/757).

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