Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Press Release: Pictures of Hope!

Pictures of Hope, a Relay For Life of Second Life event, brought to you by Honoring Hope.

Pictures of Hope is a photography contest where each photographer is given the same object to photograph in their own style.  The object is a statuette of 3 dolphins jumping over waves. The winner will walk away with L$15,000


Dolphins were chosen because Farrell Stormcrow's mother, who lost her battle with cancer in November 2015, loved dolphins. Seeing a statue of dolphins reminded him so much of his mother, he knew it was meant to be. What could be more representative of life and hope, than leaping dolphins at play?


Registration Link:  https://goo.gl/forms/x1ug5s24CwNSdIBE2

1) As the name of the contest suggests, this is about Pictures of Hope. Photos should embrace this concept fully.  We want you to interpret "hope" into a unique photo that you design.

 2) Participants will be asked to photograph a statue. You will be issued a copy of the statue after registration. You may take the photo from any angle and the object may be manipulated in any way to personalize your photo.  While the subject will be the same for every participant, we want it to be unique to you. This is an opportunity to showcase your ability and get your name out there. We offer you a chance to show how good a photographer you can be.

3) You will have until 5pm SLT April 13 to create your work; at that time you will send your finished photograph to Ariel Goldrozen, FULL PERM. We will place them on display, first come first served. 

4) With your photo, we are asking you to send a note card explaining how this photo represents Hope to you. It's important that you express to us, how your photo represents inspiring Hope!


The contest will open April 16 at 5pm SLT and run until 4pm April 23.

Choosing the winner will be twofold - the combined scores of highest kiosk amount and most votes in a popular vote.

Each photograph will have a kiosk placed next to it for donations.  Each photographer will enter their name on a contest board.  Starting April 16 at 5pm, people can donate to the kiosks of their favorite photographs, AND they may vote for ONE photographer on the contest board.

Each placement will be assigned a point value: for example: 1st place 50 points, 2nd place 45 points, 3rd place 40 points, and 4th place 35 points. etc.  The points will be assigned for both the popular vote and the fund raising portion.  The combined scores will determine the winner.

The winner will be announced at 6pm April 23.

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