Sunday, March 5, 2017

"The Artist's Palette" Begins March 10

On Friday, March 10 at 8AM sl time, 'The Artist's Palette' will open its first event at Sunset Mist Town Square.  The theme of the said event is about color, creativity and culture.

This month, it is inspired by the celebration of diversity and the rejection of racial discrimination in all forms. The organizers and designers,  aim to showcase their work to be able to share information and education amongst the residents. And through this, we may be able to help each other in understanding one's culture and life.

The Artist's Palette will hold regular events in Secondlife every other month starting this March.

For designers and merchants wishing to take part, click the following to fill out the application:

The event will take place at Sunset Mist Town Square in The Best Life sim. It begins March 10 at 8AM SL time, and ends on March 31 at 8AM SL time.

For more information, click here:

or contact the organizers in-world:
Manila Batista
Mharieckit Carolina

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