Monday, March 6, 2017

Press Release: "Filling the Cauldron" For Elico Ember And Family

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Elicio Ember is a brilliant Second Life creator and artist, known throughout Second Life for marvellous plants and designs provided through his Cerridwen's Cauldron brand, his generous spirit and his involvement in events such as Fantasy Faire, where his region-wide builds are breath-taking in scope and vision.

Sadly, Elicio's father recently suffered a serious stroke leaving him with neurological damage. Because of the medical situation in Mexico, where Elicio and his family reside, he and his sisters are faced with some serious medical expenses.

To help the family meet these costs, we are excited to announce Filling the Cauldron, a week-long celebration of Elicio's work in Second Life, with a coming together of musicians, artists and friends to raise money to help Elicio and his family.

RUNNING FROM SATURDAY APRIL 1ST THROUGH SUNDAY APRIL 9TH, Filling the Cauldron will be a region-wide event at Holly Kai Park in the beautiful Blake sea, and we will be featuring:

-   Live music and DJ performances at the park's main events venue
-   An art display inspired by Elicio's work
-   An auction
-   A special Design a Garden contest with a very special prize
-   A photo contest with special prizes
-   A market area
    Cerridwen's Corner - a mini-store of Elicio's creations, allowing you to buy his items & visit his main store.

Right now, we are seeking applications from / for the following:

-   Musicians, DJs and performers willing to give up one or two hours of their time to perform on stage
-   Artists wishing to participate in our Art Show
-   Artists and creators willing to donate to our Auction
-   Merchants wishing to be a part of our marketplace and gacha
-   Volunteers willing to help run the event during the week

PLUS we're also seeking artists and designers to participate in our Design A Garden Contest.

Full details of the event and how to apply for any of the above can be found on the Filling the Cauldron website at:

Direct enquires should be forwarded to Inara Pey or Saffia Widdershins at the e-mail address above, or via notecard in-world.

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