Thursday, June 29, 2017

Club Zero Gravity Update: Gaming Room

 Since the reopening of Club Zero Gravity, work on the space station club has continued. Nydia Tungsten installed a gaming room with games to play between events. For now, the games are Parcheesi (sometimes called "Cheesy"), Greedy, and Cards Against Humanity.

Of the three, "Cards Against Humanity" is less about strategy and more about having a warped sense of humor, or at least having a good knowledge of how one works. Personally, it's a game I have mixed feelings about winning, considering some of the definitely adult-rated questions and possible answers. But it's all in the name of fun.

There's also a poker game, though it's in a side room on the main floor and not the game room.

Club Zero Gravity currently has three events a week, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10AM to 12 Noon SL time.

Sunweaver Space (179, 69, 3599).

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