Sunday, June 4, 2017

RFL Home and Garden Expo Ends Today

After a few weeks, today marks the last day of the Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo. Besides the auditorium discussion at 2PM and the Lantern Ceremony at 4PM, there are some special items up for auction. One is a "Casa Rosella" 19th Century style manor that is "a one of a kind mansion, that will only be sold once, at this auction." To see it on display, head to: Hope 2 (47/245/23).

Also, Designing Worlds is auctioning off a chance to choose the topic of one of their shows, whether an event, group, place, or business. The only stipulation is that as the show aims to be family friendly, the subject can't be adult rated.

And of course there are numerous items up for sale for charity, proceeds going to the Relay for Life in Second Life.

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