Monday, June 12, 2017

Update on Ozimals: New "Fables" Bunnies On The Way

Just as the fans of Ozimal's bunnies were coming to terms with their pets no longer breedable, the following announcement was made, in notecard, in the "For the Love of Oz" group.

Hello from the land of Fables!

The creators of Ozimals, Candy and Malk, would like to share with you our new breedables project, Fables! Fairy dust is flying, behind the scenes, as we work to bring magical life to our first animal--the beloved Bunny!

To keep up with our progress, join our in-world Fables Update group, (secondlife:///app/group/d973573f-9060-3efa-d22a-2efffc2eecec/about ) visit our website, and join our email list. We're also on Plurk if you'd like to follow us there:

Our alpha testing group is closed, but we will need more testers in the near future! If you are interested in helping Fables as a beta tester, please send a notecard to Vander Ashland.

We are thrilled to begin a new adventure, and hope all of you will join us as we explore the mysterious world of Fables!

Happily ever after,
Fables Team

There were no updates in the Fables group when I checked. And there was no additional information in the website or Plurk. On some discussion in the "For the Love of Oz" group, Molly Glitter and Vander Ashland confirmed themselves to be Ozimal creators Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch respectively. When someone worried that Ozimals' legal troubles might follow, he was told by Molly, " I can tell you that this is a new project from ground up and we own every piece of it. (smile)."

I instant-messaged Molly, and we had a conversation in which she gave me the okay to use. She told me, "Well, we are very excited to work on a new project from ground up, with lots of updates and enhancements to the original, since we were limited as to how much we could improve the old product. We plan to keep the core of what made the bunnies so fun, and use SL's advances over the years to make them even better." When I asked how soon we could see them on the market, she told me, "We're currently in a closed alpha, with a bunny model in testing and a waiting list for beta. That's about all we could comfortably say right now, but we will be updating the community regularly with our progress via the Fables Update group."

I asked her if she could tell me what the differences between Ozimals and Fables bunnies would be. She told me, "Not quite yet, but we'll be putting out some notices with additional information on our updates and upgrades in the next week or two. We like to have a feature well tested and working properly before we talk about it." I asked if there were plans in the future of pets other than bunnies. She answered, "We've always had ideas for other animals, but we've been limited with what we could do within the old framework. For Fables, we are building it from the start with the ability to create other pets, and we do have a couple in mind (smile), but for now, we are focused on the Bunny. (smile)" I asked would there be some kind of discount offered to Ozimal customers. I was told, "As of now, we're still being advised on on our ability to do that, but we'd love to give back to our loyal community who choose to support us with the new venture if we are able to."

I then brought up, carefully, the group member who expressed worry about Ozimal's legal troubles. She answered, "it is completely new code and assets, owned entirely by us. and created from the ground up. There is no claim anyone else can try to make on this new product." But I was told they couldn't comment on Akimeta's statement following the closing of Ozimals, "Unfortunately, we've been advised that any further public comments on that matter beyond what we said when we closed Ozimals could present legal risk to us, so I'm not able to respond to their statement. We want to look forward to new beginnings and the future, and the community asked us to come back, so that's where we want to focus now. (smile)."

"We're very excited to be working on Fables, we are planning to release more info regularly to our group, and are happy to talk about the new project any time. (smile) Thank you for speaking to me."

And so, Ozimal fans have hope that the creators of their pets will soon be out with a new kind of bunny. Under a new name and a code created by them, will they be free of the problems of their predecessors? Time will tell. But for now, the residents in the bunny group are happy to hear the news breedable bunnies will soon be back.

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I hope that things go well for these new virtual pets. It would be a great shame if the legal troubles of ozimals killed a good idea forever.

  2. Just wondering if the Fables project is still going. I've applied as beta tester, but i never heard from them again. Are they still in Alpha testing? Does anyone know?