Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Advertisement: The AFK Live Trap by Brandi's Intimates

Brandi Streusel, the owner of "Brandi's Intimates," is best known for her line of undergarments, earning her store the nickname "Brandi's Panties." But she's been making more than that. At the Happy Vixen, she recently demonstrated her "AFK Live Trap."

Tired of patrons AFKing in your club? 

Have a little fun with them by placing them in a live trap. 

Trap door swings shut but only the owner can release the victim. 

Comes with its own a piece of cheese bait or replace it with any bait you so desire to lure them in.

Intended for use at a club as a good-natured prank on those who go away from the keyboard unannounced, the trap can be used anywhere the owner has rezz rights. The cage can be placed on top of someone, but only the owner can open the door. Of course, the person inside can just teleport right out, but it's intended for those AFK, as the title suggests. Although the trap has a piece of cheese inside, one can replace it with some other kind of "bait" such as coins or swimsuit issue magazines.

The cage comes in two sizes, small and large, for the low prices of 25 and 50 Lindens.

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