Friday, June 16, 2017

SL14B Sneak Peeks

The SL14B is just a couple days away. Before the sims were closed to exhibitors, I did some last minute adjustments on the Newser exhibit with Silvia Ametza. Then I went about the sims some. At one point, I went about in this balloon ride over the area.

 A stairway just inside the entrance of the SL14B Auditorium, where a number of discussions will take place, including some "Meet the Lindens" events.

Among the exhibits in the SL14B grounds is "Cassini's Grand Finale," by the Leeward Cruising Club, showing the Cassini Saturn probe in the final part of it's mission, "This exhibit shows the Cassini orbiter in the final part of its 19-year Saturn exploration mission. "Come explore the full-scale model then explore the seas of Second Life ...." In September, assuming the spacecraft is still operational, it will plunge into Saturn's atmosphere.

All these, and much more, await visitors this Sunday, June 17.

Bixyl Shuftan

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