Sunday, June 18, 2017

SL14B on Press Day

Press day is always exciting on the SL14B sims because we are all looking for the first glimpse of the wonderful builds scattered across all the regions. It is the time when we can finally publish pictures of the builds themselves instead of just teasers. Since I was not working this year at the event, I let Bixyl do the teasers. 

I absolutely love the entrance this year. It is an amazing creation by Darkstone Aeon . There was a grand greeting for the press when I arrived!  I hope people take the time to examine it during the week .

 There is so much to see there. You can ride a dragon, or take a hot air balloon ride around the outside. One can also sit in the welcome center building and relax, hoping the dragons don’t get you.   But don’t miss the cave! Before you leave the entrance mountain extend your draw line to get a view of the distance at the top of the stairs. 

Not too far from the Dragon mountain is the auditorium, or as it is called this year , the Entertainment Hall, Digital City. The builder for this ediface is  Anthony (ADudeNamed Anthony). All week long meetings and lectures will take place there and you can see the schedule on the website.

Quite visible from this area is the Cake Stage. Mikati Slade has worked her magic again in creating a marvelous build. There will be many parties on this stage. 

We will visit the parties at the other stages during the week when the parties are going on.
Also not far from the auditorium is the Time Capsule. Will Webb is the curator of this parcel. it is here that collector’s items from all the past birthday celebrations are on display.There is a capsule from 2003  belonging to Ryan Linden that cannot be opened until 3001. Amazing. 
This will all be yours to enjoy beginning on June 18 at 12:00 noon and will continue with events and games until June 25 . The sims will remain open until July 2 so you can get to explore more of the magnificent builds . Take a pod ride and jump off when you want to see a parcel. 
 The actual birthday is June 23. I warn you , If you really want to see all the builds plan on spending many hours on the all the sims. There is a big hunt going on in all the regions during the time it is open. There are also gift centers where you can pick up your presents from many of the builders. Check out the website to see everything you will encounter so you don’t miss anything.

Much more to come. Here is where you start at 12:00 noon Sunday
Gemma Cleanslate

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