Saturday, June 24, 2017

SL Video: "Draxto Streams LIVE From SL14B Part1 "

I noticed by accident Draxtor Despres was streaming live from the Second Life 14th Birthday celebration grounds. So I dropped over to say hello. I appear (in my human avatar due to the "Bid Me Human" earlier) at about 27:30 , along with Mikati Slade, the Cake Stage builder. The first fifteen minutes of the recording is of Draxtor watching Strawberry Singh's own stream.

I would follow for a little while with a couple friends, Velani and Silvia Ametza, the latter the girl who did almost all the work on the SL Newser exhibit. We would eventually check out Loki Eliot's claymation exhibit. (Note: some adult language, possible nudity from rezzing avatars).

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