Sunday, June 18, 2017

Second Life Fourteenth Birthday Begins Today!

After months of preparing, planning, and building, the SL14B, the Second Life Fourteenth Birthday finally opens today. The builds are all up, the exhibits have had their last minute adjustments.

The official entrance is at SL14B Impressive (96/122/80), at Dragon Mountain. As the name implies, "Here be dragons." But don't worry, they're used to humans and their antics are more for showing off. There's even a couple you can ride.

There are a couple places here one can find some teleports to certain spots around the SL14B grounds.

There are many, many exhibits available, and we'll get to them later. For now, here is our own. Silvia Ametza's exhibit this year is a futuristic-looking pyramid with a combination of an amusement park water ride, and a solar system model with a Kulper Belt ring. The exhibit is at SL14B Electrify (39/104/22).

See you at "The Birthday." Impressive/96/122/80

Bixyl Shuftan

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